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This week we have three days where one of the neighbour’s children is coming for breakfast and going in to school with us (as his Mum is having to work early). All the children involved are VERY excited. KN3A9512(sm)It means getting up 30 minutes early – 15 minutes before he arrives so I can be up dressed and give some semblance of being capable of looking after children! But the children seem to be turbo driven which means when Mx arrives- they have already finished their breakfast. On the positive side, it means they are all down from the table quickly and have plenty of time then to play.

KN3A9485(sm)-3They have really enjoyed having time in the mornings to play as they usually don’t get to do anything other than get ready. Dx and Mx played today with the McD’s cars we got with the Happy Meals yesterday (good job we went!!) and had a lovely time.

KN3A9495(sm) KN3A9503(sm) Until the very last-minute. When I called to them it was time to go. And then Dx went MAD. Shouting and screaming that his friend was cheating, he hated him, he never wanted him to come again. He was VERY angry.

It went on all the way to school and he was very upset. Luckily I was going in to school to help (again) with another trip – this time just a couple of hours visiting a local church.

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On the way there, Dx  had a similar falling out with a friend – and by the time we walked back again 2 hours later I was really worried about him. He was screaming at me and pushing me – not his normal character at all. I was really concerned in case he ended up really hurting someone and getting into trouble after I left.

KN3A9509(sm)When i met him after school, he had managed to get through the day without violence but was a very sad little boy who felt the whole world was against him. He went to bed with both of us hoping a good nights sleep will return the normal cheeky, happy little boy I know so well.