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KN3A9643(sm)A chance today to meet up with the people I met on my college photography course. It took a while for us to get going with meeting up socially – but we are managing to get together every few months. There are a few faces missing each time but thankfully not the same ones each time.

KN3A9620(sm) KN3A9632(sm)Some are still obsessed with photography, some are still trying desperately to find time for it and some have let the DSLR gather dust while they hone the camera phone skills.

KN3A9691(sm)KN3A9692(sm)But regardless of how we currently feel about photography, its always great to catch up, have a good chat and find out what is going on in each others lives.

KN3A9710(sm) KN3A9725(sm) KN3A9730(sm)There was some play on the playground, a walk around the lake (which flew by as we were chatting so much!) a picnic lunch and a wander through a field of long grass in search of dragon flies and damselflies
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