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So today was sports day. In the morning for Lx, in the afternoon for Gx and all day for me as I was taking the photos for the school. I am thrilled to have heard we can shre photos as long as they don’t feature any other children.

Lx came 3rd in her sprint (surprising everyone including herself!) did some long jump and curling and then took part in one of the relay races at the end. KN3A0375(sm) KN3A0378(sm)KN3A0826(sm)Gx won his sprint (feeling confident enough in his lead to do a mad leap across the finish line!) …

KN3A1012(sm)KN3A1014(sm)-2 KN3A1015(sm)  …and then he bravely tackled the duathlon for the first time. I was SO nervous before the duathlon (Gx wasn’t!) because of his clumsy tendencies (I had visions of limbs and bikes flying in all directions during the transition), because he is not REALLY a cyclist and because his bike is not really suitable for riding on grass.

KN3A1289(sm) KN3A1291(sm)At the end of two laps of the field he was trailing a little but once they got on their bikes, he was trailing a lot! The others obviously ride regularly – and know how to use their gears! Poor Gx got further and further behind until they had lapped him.

KN3A1296(sm) So they were all off their bikes, running the final lap and up the straight to the finish line as he completed his third and final lap of cycling. The crowd cheered him on for his solo lap – and he had a big grin on his fave. He wasn’t bothered by it at all – he said he was glad he had done it!

KN3A1325(sm)Six hours of shooting in full sun later and I could barely move.  I took the younger two to swimming, did a quick shop including some snacks for dinner – which they ate outside ASDA, dropped them to their youth club and came home to collapse!