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KN3A3385(sm)Another full day of sports day photoshoot today for me – and another day of sunshine. In the morning it was the run of the youngest children in the school (so none of mine). In the afternoon it was Dx’s turn.

He won his sprint – he has a real turn of speed on him (which didn’t come from me!) … KN3A2746(sm) KN3A2748(sm)

…but then was DETERMINED to do the 200m. He was in tears thinking he had been put down for another race instead but all was sorted out and he set off on the 200m. It was a lot further than he envisaged though , and although he kept going and even managed to speed up at the end to come in joint 3rd with his friend.

KN3A2878(sm) KN3A2878(sm)-2He then threw himself on the floor in tears! “I can’t do ANY more of sports day! I am TOO tired” he sobbed. It took a while (half an hour?!) before he calmed down. Luckily he wasn’t in any more events during that time.

Time for a few fun races…

KN3A2960(sm) KN3A3218(sm) KN3A3022(sm) KN3A3090(sm)…and by the time he was in the relay at the end, he was back on form and did an amazing run.