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Today the car was checked at the garage and given the all clear after its adventure yesterday.

So to celebrate I loaded it and a friends car with rubbish from the garage (and yes – both cars were full to the brim) and went and got rid of it.

KN3A4553-Edit(sm)I learnt the following

1. My garage LOOKS just as full of rubbish still but I know it isn’t
2. The mice have been loving my garage
3. The rubbish tip stinks (I should have expected that but didn’t – this was my first trip there and I spent the first 10 minutes with my nose wrinkled in horror)
4. I found the tip an incredibly sad place to be. All that waste, all those pasts.
5. I can get rid of things quite easily, as long as it isn’t anything which belonged to the children when they were young.  That was incredibly hard to tip over into the abyss.  Next time I need to pass such things on to charity groups and let them decide if anyone can use it or if it really needs to be thrown out. They can then throw it into the abyss.
6. I care WAY too much about inanimate objects
7. Chocolate tart and coffee with a friend are a good way of celebrating such bravery getting rid of memories (although dark glasses may be required to hide behind to hide the after effects of the trauma)
8. I currently estimate another 4 carloads to clear the garage. Then we can start on the house!