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We are very lax in our house in involving the tooth fairy. For some reason much as I embrace all aspect of my children’s childhood while I can – I have always been terrible at being organised when it comes to lost teeth.

KN3A9588(sm)We have only called upon the tooth fairy once. Dx’s first tooth was dispatched to her with due ceremony with a note, tooth deposited under pillow (in a small box in case it got lost – see below) and a coin in its place in the morning.

All other teeth from all four of them have been swallowed, lost or stored “safely” somewhere  probably to be found in ten years time. So in similarly lax style I haven’t written about Dx losing his second tooth which actually came out at the football fun day a few weeks ago. For some reason he suffers really badly as his teeth become loose. Luckily only for a couple of days but there are lots of KN3A9580-Edit(sm)  tears and lots of pain on eating until the tooth comes out.

I thought I should get a photo of the new tooth which was well underway growing when the old one came out.