Today was the start of our first holiday of the summer (I know – how lucky are we!!). We are off to Somerset for a week with my family to celebrate my Mum’s 80th birthday.

KN3A0586(2) KN3A0595(2)We had hoped to go to the beach for the day on the way down but the weather wasn’t great so the kids voted instead for setting off later and having a carvery lunch instead.

We had a horrendous trip down the motorway with rain and traffic jams but it was all worth it when we arrived.

P1480043(2) P1480042(2)We are staying in a beautiful BIG house for the week. Here is the master bedroom (Nan and Pop’s)

KN3A0614(2)These are our two rooms and our bathroom

KN3A0618(2) KN3A0608(2) KN3A0604(2)

And these are the sitting rooms and dining room.KN3A0620(2) KN3A0625(2) KN3A0632(2) KN3A0635(2)The children enjoyed catching up with their cousin’s little boys and Lx got a late birthday present from Nan and Pop which was JUST what she was after – and which had nearly wrecked her birthday yesterday when she didn’t get it.

KN3A0652(2) KN3A0666(2)KN3A0649(2) KN3A0647(2) KN3A0642(2)KN3A0669(2) KN3A0679(2)