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KN3A0511-Edit(2)Today was Lx’s birthday but as is often the case for her, it wasn’t spent celebrating but was spent in holiday preparations. First though a photo of her at four minutes to nine in the morning – the time she was born.

KN3A0501(2)Before we started packing I made pancakes for breakfast and attempted a special Mickey Mouse one for Lx. unfortunately it looked more like a koala but she enjoyed it and Dx has put in a request for one when it is his birthday.KN3A0512(2)At the end of the day, we went for a birthday trip to McD’s

KN3A0516(2) KN3A0531(2)Gx went up to order some more food as he and Sx were still hungry. He is still getting used to doing things like this on his own so I spied on him through the slats to check he was ok!

KN3A0534(2) KN3A0537(2)Then home for Matt to join us for Lx to open her presents – including a cake pop maker and all the necessary accessories.

KN3A0547(2) KN3A0551(2) KN3A0560(2) KN3A0557(2) KN3A0553-Edit(2)And some caterpillar cake and a chance to make a birthday wish.KN3A0575(2) KN3A0573(2)