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KN3A1019(2)Today was the day for the big birthday party for Nan’s 80th birthday. The forecast wasnt great and we woke to grey skies. It brightened a little for us to take a tour of the (very VERY extensive grounds)…

KN3A0716(2) KN3A0754(2) KN3A0731(2) KN3A0724(2) KN3A0721(2)and then for the children to try out the heated pool and find it was in fact lovely and warm. The sun continued till there was a mid afternoon downpour which made us think the sun was over – but then the sun reappeared and it was a beautiful sunny evening all evening.

KN3A1278(2) KN3A0816(2) KN3A0799(2) KN3A0787(2) KN3A0789(2) 558_0110(2) 558_0111(2)Nan’s brother who lives nearby came over for the evening and after cocktails and nibbles we moved on to full barbecue. The theme was “Pirates of the Caribbean” to enable people to go for a Caribbean outfit or a pirate one.

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Later we moved indoors for some bingo with a pirate twist. EVen Lx as bingo caller added “arr” to the end of ever call  eg”5 of diamonds – arr”.