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This morning Sx had organised a training session for those who wanted it. He used some of the drills from his rugby preseason training Some of the children joined in too but I think everyone was glad (and exhausted) when the session finished after about 45 minutes.

KN3A1794(2) KN3A1811(2) KN3A1812(2) KN3A1860(2)  KN3A1814(2) KN3A1815(2) KN3A1828(2)And then the rain which has been promised since the weekend arrived big time. I felt lousy as I was coming down with a cold so when some of the family suggested taking my children off to the beach (where the weather was better) I thought it was a great plan.

KN3A1889(2) KN3A1884(2) They had a wonderful time at the beach and I went back to bed for a while. I got up to find the house pretty much deserted as people had fled to supermarkets National Trust properties and local towns. But the rain had returned and was absolutely throwing it down. Luckily by the time they returned at dinner time – the rain had stopped and they got straight out of the cars – and into the pool!!