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OK OK so I cheated a little when picking the 20 photos for each week of the Italian adventure Idecided to keep 20 landscapes for a separate post. Oops!

But hopefully when you see how beautiful the countryside was – you will understand and indulge me.

PS 95 % of these were taken from a moving car but don’t worry – I wasnt driving! I just didnt think the other 5 people in the car would appreciate me asking to stop every five minutes!!


KN3A6629(2)  KN3A6460(2) KN3A6488(2) KN3A6631(2) KN3A6665(2) KN3A6666(2) KN3A9420(2) KN3A4532(2) KN3A4559(2) KN3A4624(2) KN3A4991(2) KN3A5302(2) KN3A5328(2) KN3A5358(2) KN3A6310(2) KN3A6318(2) KN3A6332(2) KN3A6354(2) KN3A6379-Edit-Edit(2) KN3A6443(2)