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The reason for the lack of posts is that we have been in Italy for 3 weeks. Land of pasta, pizza, ice cream…and intermittant internet!

Rather than try the impossible and post daily updates of our trip retrospectively and end up never catching up, I will just bombard you with photos. I am restricting myself to 20 from each week. You have no idea how hard that is!!

They are in no particular order but cover Cinque Terre, Portovenere and Pisa. Please ask if you want details of any of them 🙂


KN3A4391(2) KN3A3331(2) KN3A3539(2) KN3A3855(2) KN3A4034(2) KN3A2967(2) KN3A2987(2) KN3A3158(2) KN3A3202(2) KN3A3365(2) KN3A3497(2)  KN3A3735(2) KN3A3778(2) KN3A3920(2) KN3A4023(2) KN3A4090(2) KN3A4233(2) KN3A4313(2)