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Another 20 photos (oh this is hurting to have to restrict myself!!) from the second week. The week that included Siena, San Gimignano and Florence.

KN3A6047(2)KN3A5261(2) KN3A5618(2)I hope my kids forgive me for the lack of many photos of them – but sights like those in Italy arent around to photograph every week. I will make up for it in Week 3s post where we just chilled out in one place in  KN3A4652(2)   KN3A5066(2) KN3A5089(2) KN3A5157(2) KN3A5200(2) KN3A5320(2) KN3A5348-Edit(2) KN3A5455(2) KN3A5583(2) KN3A5936(2) KN3A6038-Edit-2(2) KN3A6098(2) KN3A6497(2) KN3A6603(2) KN3A5517(2) KN3A5344(2)Tuscany.