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Back to the routine of football matches this morning – Matt took Sx and I trundled down to the park at the end of the road with the other three for Gx’s match. He is now old enough to walk down on his own – handy for us to have another 30 mins at home to get ourselves organised before we set off to watch his match.

KN3A9894(2)Having spent their life with Saturdays on the sidelines Dx and Lx are very good at amusing themselves and at finding things to do with the other children there.

KN3A9839(2) KN3A9829(2) KN3A9808(2)Gx has a new skill – tying his shoe laces. Unlike his older brother he likes his laces tied while playing football so spent quite a lot of today’s match retying them.

KN3A9896(2)home for lunch and a potter about (and for the rare sight of Lx playing on the Wii – which is to be encouraged to help her problem solving and coordination)…

KN3A9905(2)…before going to see “Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” at the local theatre We all love this musical and the children have watched the DVD so many times.

KN3A9913(2)It was the first musical I took Sx and Gx to several years ago (Sx leaned over after ten minutes and said “Is it ALL singing??”) so it seemed fitting to make this the first one I took the other two to locally too.

Despiate some reservations beforehand – Dx enjoyed it and Lx said it was the best musical she has seen.

Then off to KFC (a whole new experience for me as they are not great for vegetarians so I think it is about 20 years since i went into one!). The children didn’t really know what they wanted or how hungry they were so it took us forever to decide what to get. But in the end we got it about right – and Dx and Sx especially enjoyed going up to get their ice cream sundaes at the end.


Home for some manic activity getting school clothes, bags, pe kits together so the children can stay at Matt’s tomorrow – not to mention getting Sx and Dx’s rugby kits together, trying unsuccessfully to fix the drawer i Sx’s room which came apart in his hands and trying to clear up a bit. I have to warn you I had a major sense of humour failure around this time Luckily there are no photos or sound bytes!