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..today as the little boy who lives down the road came for breakfast (its a long story but it helped out his Mum) THere is great excitement from the children when this rare event happens – but it does mean an earlier start as he came over at 7am. Unfortunately – I am still NOT a morning person so it does knock me sideways for the rest of the day.

KN3A0153(2) KN3A0158(2)To add further confusion, Sx finished school an hour early due to having an “open evening” for prospective students tonight. But he disappeared off to the park to practise rugby passes so that was easy…

Then off to his rugby training – held in the dark with a single floodlight. WE got there early for him practise kicking – but I couldn’t take photos once the “proper” training started as it was too dark. It was wonderful to see his energy and enthusiasm though – and their plays are starting to get really choreographed and clever. A joy to watch.


At the end of the session one of the coaches spent some time helping him with his kicking. He wanted him to position the ball differently on the tee and do his run up differently. The results were terrible. When we came away Sx was despairing “I just can’t kick it the way he wants me to – I’m better doing it the way I do it”.

I had to explain to him that sometimes you need to go through a painful learning process to learn to do things differently – in order to be able to do them better. I reminded him how hard he found it when I insisted he held a pencil properly when he started to learn to write – and how he insisted he couldn’t write the letters that way. And then he came back to me six months later and thanked me for helping him persevere. I told him it might be the same with kicking – he needs to try a new, alien-feeling way of doing it, because when he masters it, he can be better than he could ever have been otherwise.

KN3A0226(2) KN3A0230(2) KN3A0231(2)And I am trying to take my own advice to heart learning to master my lensbaby. At present its frustrating and tricky, but hopefully with practice it will help me take shots that otherwise would not have been possible with conventional lenses.


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