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(I have some catching up to do so some posts may be out of order…)

KN3A1383(2)Not the most successful Food Tech experience…

After an emergency dash to Asda last night for ingredients and 3 near misses where not all the ingredients made it into his bag, Sx set off today to school to make apple crumble in his food tech class.

After school I waited to pick him up as arranged (to avoid him having to balance his crumble all the way home). Only to find he has walked home as normal – having forgotten about my offer of a lift. And having forgotten to pick up his crumble too.

So we went back for him to get it and it did look lovely. Only trouble was when we came to eat it, we found the extra sugar he had added in school (apparently from a jar labelled SUGAR) was in fact salt. So the whole lot ended up in the bin.

Listen again in 2 weeks when he cooks “minced beef something”…