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Today I was DETERMINED to get my photo for the day. But given that Sx and I still spent the day curled up our respective couches – it wasn’t the most inspiring day.

When the other children left to go to Matt’s Dx told me “There’s a wonderful sunset out there – you should get a photo” – but I forgot and in an out of character fit of domestic duty – I did the washing up instead!

So when i remembered, it was dark outside. BUt I thought I would take a shot anyway. The thought process was literally “oh no I missed the sunset – let’s go take a night photo outside. Oh that’s not a very interesting photo – lets take it OOF – oh that looks quite cool -wow its cold I’m off inside”

But I am pretty pleased how it turned out.



and while I was out there I took a photo of Sx through the window. Nope he hasnt moved since I took the shot the other day!!KN3A1885(2)