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Today Dx and I went into town for our annual “mother and son halloween buying expedition”. We raided the pound shop for halloween bits and pieces and then hit pizza hut for lunch. Mainly for the ice cream factory but Dx actually made good inroads into the pizza this year – and what we didn’t eat we took home.

(not the ice cream – just the pizza)

KN3A2105(2) KN3A2113(2)First of all he drew a picture of his dream ice creamKN3A2118(2) KN3A2121(2)Then we playes noughts and crosses (or as this was a Ninja Turtles themed activity book – we played “swords and shields” )KN3A2127(2) KN3A2131(2) KN3A2133(2) KN3A2135(2)And he won!!KN3A2137(2)

He was a little distracted by the party at the next table

KN3A2122(2) KN3A2147(2) KN3A2149(2)Then it was time for the “ice cream factory” and some ice cream envy for the boy nearby!!KN3A2155-Edit(2) KN3A2161(2)KN3A2168(2)PS The film Gx was an extra in is out at the cinema now. We don’t know if he can be seen in it – look out for a boy eating ice cream in the modern day London scene at the end…