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IMG_5996-Edit(2)Sx had an INSET (teacher training) day today so  he and I met up with one of his friends and her Mum and went for an all you can eat multinational buffet in town.


Afterwards I seized the opportunity to take my camera in for its long overdue repair.

I have taken my camera to the shop to be sent off for repair. It wont get sent off till next Wed so I will def be without it for at least two weeks (great timing in the middle of a workshop )

As if taking it in wasnt stressful enough I ended up with a really useless assistant who first of all switched it to Av mode to take photos and told me “your exposure compensation is set way high”. I told him I shoot in manual so it didnt really matter and he started to tell me it affects the camera shooting overexposed at all times. I assumed he meant there was some menu option for exposue compensation – but no, turns out he just didnt know how manual setting works. One of the other guys had to put him right and by this point I had 0 confidence in the person I was dealing with.

Then he took test shots of a penny on the desk in front of him with a macro lens on f2.8. Which were OBVIOUSLY going to be blurred as he doesn’t have the ability to shoot handheld at that distance with that wide an aperture. But no – he couldn’t see what the problem was. To him they looked sharp. Given that the penny was at an angle, most of it was blurred anyway but when I asked which bit looked sharp to him – he pointed at a totally different part of the penny from where the red focus square was showing he had focussed.

At which point I asked for a second opinion. It was either that or spontaneously combust in the middle of the shop

Luckily the manager could clearly see it wasnt sharp, pulled him up on using f2.8 and shooting at an angle and took some other test shots which were similarly bad focus wise so at least he cold see where I was coming from. He said perhaps the second mirror has been knocked or something (guy #1 told me the camera could not have anything to do with focus issues as only the lens affects focus)

I just hope the (independant) repair company employ more knowledgable staff So stressed now in case someone else can’t see the problems.

MAtt had the children for the evening and for the night so I had the luxury of a peaceful evening to myself. It means I could drive out to get todays “daily” photo. It was supposed to be of lights reflected in puddles but as there were no puddles this was the best I could manage.