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KN3A1342(2)Back up to the fracture clinic with Sx this morning. They are pleased with how his thumb is healing but don’t want him to overdo it. At first they said no rugby until it is 6 weeks from the date of the injury. But when he got quite upset and I explained he has an important match on Jan 4th…they relented and said he can play in it. The hardest part of him playing rugby for me aas his Mum isnt the injuries – it is trying to get him to STOP playing while they heal!

Then off to school for the “thank you” lunch they put on for all the parents who help throughout the year – lots of nice words were said about the photos i have taken of the children’s school nativities.

The afternoon was spent burning DVDs until I thought I was going to burn my laptop it was getting so warm from overuse!!

In the evening at last we got round to decorating the tree – and trying to remember which decorations are which for each year! Each child gets one each year and its getting hard to keep track!

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