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The children#s primary school announced on Monday that today would be Christmas jumper day. Great if you happen to have one. Or can go and buy one the next day. BUt not great when you only started to get organised for Christmas this week, have three children and only one Christmas jumper.


So I decided I needed to improvise. I bought a couple of big bows in a set from the £1 shop and sewed one to a black jumper and put one in Lx’s hair. Gx taped some gift bows to a red jumper and Dx had a Christmas jumper anyway…


…except at the last minute I couldn’t find it. I turned his room upside down but no sign of it. I have no idea whether he actually grew out of it last Christmas and I got rid of it but I was not popular with him. I ended up convincing him to wear the red jumper and a santa hat – but he took them off and stuffed them in his bag as soon as he got to school!

He was also upset because it was Christmas dinner at school today. Last year he had it and said “never again” – and when I asked him this year he said he didn’t want it. So I didn’t order it – and made him a packed lunch today. So this morning he changed his mind – when it was too late.

So I was “Worst Mother in the World” by the time he got to school and he was the grumpiest boy in the playground!! (See his expression!!)

IMG_0227-Edit(2)Strangely Lx had decided she DID want Christmas dinner so we had excitedly ordered it – her first time of having school dinners! Her helper went with her to explin to the cooks not to give her anything she didnt want. She took turkey, sauasge and roast potatoes…but just ate the turkey. And the chocolate cake dessert. But it is a huge step for her – and she really enjoyed doing it and is currently keen to try out more school dinners next term!

After school, in order to earn some computer time (as he is on a week long ban for sneaking his ipod up to bed)…Sx helped with Dx’s homework. When he is in the right mood he is lovely and so helpful with the younger ones.