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I am struggling with 2015. It is a year which is potentially offering so much. But to get there requires all my energy and time and motivation – which has left little for my blog or my photography.

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I am so behind – but this year is about moving forward not looking back so rather than look at all the weeks I have failed to post – I have decided to post going forward. And if I continue to feel uninspired photographically I will simply post one item about each child each day. As I am only starting today – I am going to do 3…

1. claimed all weekend he “only had revision to do for Tuesdays History milestone
2. Found out on Monday morning that history is on a Monday not a Tuesday – and changed the claim to “the milestone will be set as homework so I dont need to revise” (then in the evening claimed the milestone is not due for two weeks so doesn’t need doing yet
3 Played for the U14s B team (age group above) for the opposition who were short of players on Sunday and played his socks off. Never seen him tackle like that – he did so well!!

1. Has been signed up for a theatre masterclass (at great expense – must check the start date!)
2. Went to Shepperton Studios for a “casting” on Saturday to see if he can get a part in an upcoming film to be shot in the UK (I cant divulge what film – but its a biggie!)
3. Was very excited today to be going to his Dad’s for the night to play on the X box

1. Is hoping her friend Lucy will be well tomorrow so she can come for tea
2. Made a Valentines card in the evening and rang me (from Matt’s) to tell me a little 4 year old boy in the class made his card for her.How sweet – and how lovely she saw this as “news to tell Mum”.
3. Enjoyed going for a walk with Dan and Louise’s dogs on Sunday more than she enjoys walking without dogs

1. Still makes a fuss most weeks about going to out of school clubs
2. Enjoyed his rugby on Sunday and said he is going to do rugby “until I am in a proper team like England”
3. Hates playing on the playstation on his own and will get SO upset if the others dont want to play with him.