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1.Will receive the details of his GCSE option choices on Thursday – how grown up and scary that sounds. Well to me anyway – he is completely disinterested! As I understand it they are selected to o a particular “pathway” and depending on what pathway they are on will depend what different subjects they can choose (eg Computer Science and Economics are available to the brighter children – but ICT and Business Studies are available to those with lower current results in Maths and English). His age group will be the first to sit the new version of GCSE’s which will not be graded A*A B C etc but instead will have number values.

1. Came out of school with a sore leg (due to acting the comedian in a game and rolling down a hill during PE). He walked home having to stretch his leg out in front of him every few steps JUST like John Cleese in the Ministry of Silly Walks. I tried my hardest to be sympathetic but it was just SO funny I have to admit I ended up helpless with laughter with tears running down my cheeks!

1. Had her friend Lucy to tea last night. The two of them played happily on the PS4. Lx has started to really enjoy playing on it and happily plays both Minecraft and FIFA. For her I see the benefits (hand eye coordination, motor skills, communication, working together with someone else) so I guess I need to remember to see those when the boys go on it too. It is so lovely that she is able to just “get on with it” these days when she has a friend to tea and is past needing me to direct the action to ensure they end up doing something together they both enjoy.

1. Had another meltdown  – this time about homework. It took him about 5 minutes (writing his name in hieroglyphics) but we had the full tears and tantrum beforehand pleading to leave it till tomorrow. We had to leave his maths for tomorrow anyway as he forgot to bring it home and it wasn’t on the website. Cue more tears tomorrow…