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Is off to a party tonight 8.15-10pm for one of the “cool girls” at school. He is quietly pleased to have been invited – and idnt want to be picked up as he wanted to walk home I put my foot down at him awalknig home in the dark at 10pm though so Matt is going to wait discretely on the road outside. He got his school report today – disappointed that there are two “3”s for effort – for Geography and Tech but pleased he has pulled his English mark up an got a good effort score for it. And how lovely to read “Sx’s musical ability is a rather special talent”.

Is still very moody – arguing with me and annoying the others. Year 6 (thefinal year of secondary school) is hard for children – S found it hard and I wonder if it is affecting Gx the same kind of way.

Was pleased to have a day off school toay as an INSET day – especially as poor Sx had to go to school. She enjoyed my attempts to make personalised pancakes for breakfast. I am hoping to make heart themed ones tomorrow for Valentines Day