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TREMEER_KN3A3822-EditTerrible mother that I am – I dragged my children out for ANOTHER walk. With ANOTHER dog. This time it was a friend of Sx’s and his Mum so Sx couldn’t complain (as much)

Obviously it rained the whole time – but the children seem to be getting more used to the idea of walking.

TREMEER_KN3A3816Back to their house for lunch and a chat before my children raised the decibel levels just a little too much for a house used to only one child – and we came home.

On the way home Sx said he felt really ill (having been a bit off colour all day) so he took himself off to bed but came down after an hour unable to sleep. He was really really sick which seemed to help although I banned him from playing computer games for the rest of the day to avoid overdoing things. Instead I had to put up with endless rugby on TV!

When we went out yesterday we got a hand-me-down guitar from my nephew who was getting rid of it. Surprisingly the person who seems the most interested in it is Gx – who has been happily strumming away.

Is turning the holidays into a TV fest.Current favourites are Girl Meets World, The Thundermans, Good Luck Charlie and See Dad Run. All pretty interchangeable in the storylines and quality!

IS having a great time playing Minecraft with Gx and FIFA with Sx. They both choose him rather than each other so he gets a good portion of PS4 time.