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25/1/2016 – Yet another laptop photo. I seem to get so many of these at present because I am so tired and unable to get out much as te side effects of radiotherapy take their toll on me. I feel I should be naming this series “photos from the couch”.

TREMEER_7I5A417226/1/2016 – After school. Another chance to practise with flashhout moving too far!

TREMEER_7I5A417427/1/2016 – Homemade Star Wars cards. Dx has been making his own Star Wars themed top trumps card set. I love the imagination in them – and the spellings ” Jedi Nights”

TREMEER_7I5A4188-Edit28/1/2016 – Headphones. Still trying to push through my limited subject matter and practise!!



29/1/2016 – TIme to Tidy? Everything is mounting up around me as I get more and more tired during this radiotherapy. Its a weird feeling as the radiotherapy doesn’t hurt and actually only takes a couple of minutes. ButI could sleep for England all day and every day right now!!


30/1/2016 – Like Father Like Son. Another quick photo of these two to practise using my flash turned into this shot.

Hopefully my energy levels will start to pick up when I stop radiotherapy next week. Then I can get a bit more variety in my shots and get out and about to take photos more.