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I’m months behind and to be honest this year I have been terrible at blogging here.

So to cut to the chase and catch up I am going to pick a small selection of ten photos from each month to give a flavour or what we did…

I did some online photography courses….


The kids continued to lounge around on computers and iPads far too much.


The weather was nice enough to BBQ


This photo got Gx through to the next stage of being taken on by a model agency (audition in July…)


Lx continued to enjoy her last year at secondary school with her friends.



Dx enjoyed a “Forest schools” learning programme at school where he got to build dens, climb trees, make fires and get dirty!tremeer_7i5a1474

We went to the rugby 7s weekend at Twickenham


Dx continued to not be able to juggle!


Sx continued to lose himself in playing the piano making me cry time and time again with his skill.


My hair grew back after my chemotherapy – but grew back in a curly afro. A grey curly afro. So I got it died – and turned into a peroxide blonde afro!!