Who lives in a life like this?

This started with the aim to take a photo a day. Some days there may be more. But at least one. However mundane it seems.

I live with my four children.

Sx – my oldest boy at 11, the whirlwind in our lives, Constantly on the go, interested in everything, spouting never-ending questions and exhausting us

Gx – my second son aged 9. Quiet, thoughtful and happiest making things, drawing things or watching TV

Lx – my daughter – age 8. She find life more challenging than the average child and has support at school for her language and motor skills issues. She is a determined and happy little girl who constantly amazes me with what she manages to achieve.

Dx – the littlest son. Age 6 and the monkey of the family. Hates walking anywhere, often find it hard being the littlest and gives the best cuddles in the world.

Their Dad lives nearby, we separated in 2013.

This is almost certainly going to be the story of our family as we journey through life together.

It might get exciting.There might be whales and superheroes and unexpected twists and turns. We might solve unexplained mysteries, discover superpowers, explore the furthest reaches of space or rescue the king in the nick of time.

Or it might simply be a tale of fraught teatimes, muddy football fields, endless computer games, fights over the ipad and long car journeys to bleak pebbled beaches.

Time will tell.

7 thoughts on “Who lives in a life like this?”

  1. lilandrael said:

    Hi there and thank you for liking my post “My Special Care Baby”!

    • I only just saw this – but I really enjoyed your post. I am always so grateful for my children not haivng been in special care – and so feel for those who have experienced it.

  2. Jessica Maree said:

    Do you have a business email?

  3. Always enjoy reading about your family Thank you for sharing them, wonderful kids.

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