March 2016


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I’m about to start a “100 days of summer” personal project so I thought I ought to catch up before I start that. So here we go – a whistle stop tour of the past three months…

First up – March….

There was the everyday stuff…


There was some rugby…

…including being awarded a “couty” tie for being selected for the county rugby team.


There was an online photography course on how to use Flash….

and there was a wonderful couple of weeks on holiday in Cornwall…



February 1st-February 20th 2016 – Post Radiotherapy


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Monday February 1st – last radiotherapy!! This also means last treatment for my breast cancer!! Out for the evening for a meal and some comedy to celebrate



Wednesday 10th February – Sx played his first match for the county rugby team. And played well!


13th February 2016 – Fun on the dry ski slopes


Saturday 13th February 2016 – Time for a family game of “who am I” or Headbandz in the evening


16/2/2016 – The half term holiday involved a LOT Of x-box gaming


17/2/2016 – Poor Lx hasn’t been well. She has had a high temperature and a terrible cough and has spent most of the days in bed.


20/2/2016 – More X-box gaming!


And more not feeling great 😦


Monday 25th January – Sunday 31st January 2016


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25/1/2016 – Yet another laptop photo. I seem to get so many of these at present because I am so tired and unable to get out much as te side effects of radiotherapy take their toll on me. I feel I should be naming this series “photos from the couch”.

TREMEER_7I5A417226/1/2016 – After school. Another chance to practise with flashhout moving too far!

TREMEER_7I5A417427/1/2016 – Homemade Star Wars cards. Dx has been making his own Star Wars themed top trumps card set. I love the imagination in them – and the spellings ” Jedi Nights”

TREMEER_7I5A4188-Edit28/1/2016 – Headphones. Still trying to push through my limited subject matter and practise!!



29/1/2016 – TIme to Tidy? Everything is mounting up around me as I get more and more tired during this radiotherapy. Its a weird feeling as the radiotherapy doesn’t hurt and actually only takes a couple of minutes. ButI could sleep for England all day and every day right now!!


30/1/2016 – Like Father Like Son. Another quick photo of these two to practise using my flash turned into this shot.

Hopefully my energy levels will start to pick up when I stop radiotherapy next week. Then I can get a bit more variety in my shots and get out and about to take photos more.


Sunday 24th January 2016 – The Reluctant Rugby Player


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Dx was in one of his moods this mrning where he really isn’t sure he wants to play rugby. After a couple of drills he hurt hi ankle when someone’s stud caught him. He hobbled around and limped pitifully for a while hoping to be allowed to sit out of go home.


And then an hour into the two hour session – suddenly he got into it.  He always enjoys the matches at the end more than the drills and he was there tackling and scoring tries with the best of them.


He still struggles with his gumshiled though!!

Friday 22nd January – Pyjama Party


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It was a mad social whirl in our house tonight – Lx and Dx went to a pyjama party at the school, I went out to “wine group that talks about books” and Sx went skating with some friends.

Matt was at an ADHD conference in London so luckily was back in time to play his part in all this (picking up the younger two from their pyjama party and then babysitting). They were back just before I went out so a chance to try practising using my speedlite outside…


Thursday 21st January – Forgotten Boots


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Matt tried to call Sx back this morning to let him know he had forgotten his football boots but he was already pretty late leaving so he refused to listen. Understandably Matt was furious as he had been trying to help him.

As he needed the boots for his school football match – his first since being selected for the A team – I texted Sx and told him I would take them up to school. It would be a shame if his place on the school team was short lived because of his forgetfulness.


Wednesday 20th January 2016 –


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Another day – another dose of radiotherapy. All straightforward though – and then home for a nap before Matt’s parents came down to help out with school pick up and dinner for the children.

Dx spent some time showing Grandad his Star Wars toys…


and then time for yet more photos of children lounging around on electronics as I practise using my speedlite! I can’t wait to be through with my breast cancer treatment and able to take photos of more than children on iPads!



Monday 18th January 2016 – Spending Time Together!


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So many of my photos seem to be of the children on electronics – I prefer it when they play on the X box as at least they work together. As opposed to Gx and Lx above – oblivious to each other!!

It has been so cold lately when we get home all we want to do is stay in. Dx has started to play with the Star Wars toys a lot (since watching the film before Christmas) We have hunted out the toys which belonged to his older brothers and he is loving them.

Sunday 17th January 2016 -Haircut massacre


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Today I could put Dx’s haircut off no longer! I do prefer him with his hair longer but when it gets in his eyes its time to cut it. And because he HATES haircuts, I try and make the most of each haircut so it doesnt need doing for a while.



All these involved me practising with my speedlite (in manual mode this week) but just to be sure I had tried it out – I took one of Sx doing his homework (a rare sight!)